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Project Positions Available

Three PhD scholar vacancies in following 2 projects are to be filled from PhD admission process scheduled at May end, 2015 in respective Dept. / School / Centre.

1. “Audio Visual Integration and Learning – Implications for Dyslexia” – 2 PhD positions, IITKGP faculty to contact: Prof. Sharba Bandyopadhyaya, Dept. of Electronics & ECE

2. “Sensing-based Fetal ECG (FECG) monitoring for Point-of-Care Applications” – 1 PhD position, IITKGP faculty to contact: Prof. Anirban Mukherjee,  Dept. of Electrical Engg.


23 Projects: 37 Vacancies (MS, PhD positions), Last date May 05, 2014

Vacancies are as follows:

SMST – School of Medical Science & Technology (MS – 3, PhD – 8), ATDC – Advanced Technology Development Centre ( MS – 2, PhD – 2), CSE – Computer Science & Engineering ( MS – 3, PhD – 2), SIT – School of Information Technology (PhD – 2), Chemistry – (PhD -1) , EE – Electrical Engineering (PhD – 2), ECE – Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering (MS – 6, PhD – 6)

MS Application online: Go to IIT Kharagpur Server

PhD Application online: Go to IIT Kharagpur Server

List of projects and project code are available in the image files. Please click on it to enlarge.



Happy New Year! We could launch this simpleton website in the beginning of the new year! We are little behind the target we had set for ourselves in the run up to the 17th Nov., 2013 workshop. The end-semester examination and various evaluations started soon after. And it took some time.

The webpages contain all relevant information e.g. IIT Kharagpur presentation slides, all videos, a summary of the workshop. We may add more information based on the feedback.

We expect to finish the concept note for the perusal of the ministry coming week. Sincere thanks to all members of the team for their contributions. We have forty three Expression of Interests till date.

Shall keep all stakeholders updated through this blog (and email). We are looking forward to at least one collaborative engagement, if not more, with every expert in the first round. It is great to note that some of the activities have already started with whatever resource available at either end.

Thank you and warm regards

IIT Kharagpur Coordinating Team

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