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UK-India Workshop

A four member team from IIT Kharagpur comprising of Prof. Sanjay K Gupta, Prof. Suman Chakraborty, Prof. Chandan Chakraborty (SMST) and Prof. Santanu Dhara attended a workshop  on UK-India R&D linkages at Chennai during 10-11, 2015. Collaborative research and affordable healthcare were key strands of this workshop. On 10th Feb. 2015, the team visited CMC Hospital, Vellore for lab demonstration, interactions with several interdisciplinary research team including scientists, engineers and medical doctors. On 11th Feb. 2015, UK delegates introduced about their institute and activities including current emerging technologies related to wound healing, telemedicine using mobile technology, cost-effective integrated opthalmoscope using mobile camera etc. Technology network group also expressed that they can assist in networking. Prof. Suman Chakraborty made a presentation on research activities for affordable health care delivery at IIT Kharagpur. The visit looks forward to more opportunity for future collaboration, interdisciplinary research and affordable healthcare.

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