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India-Israel E-Health Workshop

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur and Ben Gurion University (BGU), Israel jointly organized a workshop for E-health to foster collaborative research, identify the needs and key areas of imaging, data analytics and entrepreneurial innovation among the researchers, medical professionals, developers, and industrial partners working in different areas of healthcare in India and Israel. The workshop was held during 21st March to 23rd March, 2017 at BGU, Israel. A team from IIT Kharagpur working in the area of healthcare technology development visited BGU along with some our collaborators from medical domain. On 21st and 22nd March, two 3 hour sessions were there in which SSLS team from IIT Kharagpur joined the workshop through video conference and participated in the interaction. An overview of the activities undertaken under SSLS was presented which was highly appreciated. At the end, there was a discussion on formulating possible directions of research collaboration that includes working together in the area of wearable devices, image analysis for cancer treatments, colorectal cancer indications from blood tests, image guided radiation therapy.




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