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The following is the message from Director, IIT Kharagpur. The content of the booklet, referred in his message, is available in Slides page.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur has launched a new initiative in the area of “Signals and Systems for Life Science”. This is expected to result in not only advancement of our understanding in this crucial area but also better tools and techniques in the hands of Doctors and health care industry in particular and better health care for the people of the country in general. This field requires expertise from diverse fields. This booklet presents a quick overview of current activities at IIT Kharagpur and is brought out in the curtain-raiser event of the initiative, a theme workshop at Kolkata. The Workshop brings together a number of eminent engineers, scientists and physicians in this field and would surely provide a fertile ground for germinating new ideas for fundamental and goal oriented research. The workshop would also strengthen the collaboration between IIT’s own research faculty and experts from life science domain outside IIT.

I sincerely urge all of you to share your expertise and experience with your coworkers in your own field as well as other fields, and explore the opportunity to complement and collaborate. I am sure the Workshop will prove to be the starting point for a number of exciting research and development tracks in this field.

With warm regards

Prof. Partha P. Chakrabarti, FNA, FASc, FNAE

Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering &

Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

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